DREMEL® Pet Nail Grooming Kit (7020-PGK)

Safe and quiet pet nail grinder.

DREMEL® Pet Nail Grooming Kit (7020-PGK)

Safe and quiet pet nail grinder.
Product description
Cutting dogs nails is an important part of dog grooming. The Dremel 7020 tool is a dog nail grinder that allows you to gently and easily trim your pets’ nails at home, where they are most comfortable. By gradually sanding the nail at a 45⁰ angle, you are in full control while trimming your pets’ nails. It will prevent bleeding from cutting the nail too short, making the process safer and smoother than with nail clippers. The quiet motor makes the nail trimming experience for your pet stress free. The safety guard on the top of the tool covers all rotating parts, making the cutting experience just as comfortable for you. The transparent paw guide captures the nail dust, keeping the environment clean. Start nail grooming with the Dremel 7020 PGK for safe dog nail care. Also suitable for cats.
The kit comes with interchangeable sanding disc accessories.

Technical details.

Technical details.
Battery voltage  6.0 V
Battery capacity 2,0 Ah
Battery technology  n.a.
Weight 0,270 kg
Length 19.5 cm
Width 4.5 cm
Depth 4.5 cm
No load speed 7,000 - 18,000 RPM
Speed settin Two speeds
Vibration 2,5 m/s²
Product Warranty 6 Months.

Functions and Advantages

The covered attachment keeps all rotating parts away from you pet to ensure maximum safety during use

The quiet motor ensures that your pet does not become alarmed during the trimming process

Without the cords you can use the tool with maximum manoeuvrability even when your pet won’t sit still

The Dremel Pet Grooming Kit (7020-PGK) includes

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